Exhibitor Information - 2016

Huntsman World Senior Games

Dates:       October 2-14, 2016
Hours:       9 am – 5 pm daily or until ½ hour before scheduled closing of the Dixie Center 
Location:   Dixie Center, 1835 Convention Center Drive, St. George, UT 84790

Exhibit space is available at the 30th annual Huntsman World Senior Games from Sunday, October 2th to Friday, October 14th.  We expect 10,500+ participants at this year’s Games.  All athletes and their guests will walk through the exhibit area on their way to the Check-In / Registration area.  This presents the perfect opportunity to promote your product or service.  If you are interested, we will start accepting application the 15th of May. P\ease complete the Exhibit Application and return it no later than July 31, 2016 (or until all booth space is sold).  Booths are available on a limited, juried and first-come, first-served basis.  Direct all inquiries to Jeff Harding, Huntsman World Senior Games Director of Operations, by calling 435-674-0550, 800-562-1268, or e-mail at jharding@seniorgames.net .


Exhibitor Move-In and Move-Out

Exhibitor Move-In:      Saturday, October 1th between Noon and 5 pm. All exhibitors must enter through service door in back of the Dixie Center (the east side).

Exhibitor Move-Out:    Friday, October 14th by 5 pm. (The Dixie Center charges a $60 fee for booths left beyond Saturday.) All items left in the exhibit area after 5 pm on October 15th will be discarded.


Booth Dates

While it is not necessary to staff your booth during all hours of operation every day, exhibitors are strongly encouraged to staff booths.  Peak days are:  October 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 9, 10, 11, 12 &13.  These are the days with the greatest number of athletes checking-in and/or participating in the Health Screenings.

Booth Space Equipment

Each booth space will be provided with:

One 6’ Skirted Table
Two Chairs
Electrical Outlet
Pipe-and-Drape (back wall)
One Wastebasket


¨ All exhibitors with loads large enough to be placed on carts need to access the exhibit area through the rear of the building.  No carts are to come and go through the front doors.  Please adhere to this and all other Dixie Center rules. Vender parking lot is the northeast lot.

¨ Special needs, such as deliveries, AV equipment, telephone lines or Internet hookup, need to be pre-arranged through the Dixie Center.  You will be required to pay them directly for these services.  Call the Dixie Center at 435-628-7003 for additional information.

¨ Exhibitors are required to bring their own equipment, extension cords, power strips, tape, pushpins, poster material, batteries, additional signage, etc., for their booth operation.

¨ Exhibitors are required to stay within their assigned booth space.  Exhibitors may visit other booths, but may only enter another vendor’s space if invited to do so.  Failure to comply may result in the offending exhibitor’s expulsion from the show.  All exhibitors are prohibited from re-arranging booths, expanding into the booth space of other exhibitors, or sprawling into vacant space.  Exhibitors are expected to be professional and refrain from disparaging other vendors or products.  Please keep booth noise to a minimum, and be courteous to others.  If you have a problem with another exhibitor, please contact Jeff Harding or a Dixie Center employee immediately.

¨ Signs and decorations may not be placed on walls or any other building structure.  Easels are available for a nominal fee.

¨ Hallways must be kept free of boxes, chairs, product, etc.  You will be required to conform to fire and other safety standards.

¨ The Huntsman World Senior Games reserves the right to disallow exhibition of any material or product deemed inappropriate or risky. 

¨ Exhibitors may elect to leave booth materials in a box under their table for distribution on days other than peak days.  Upon written request Huntsman World Senior Games Staff/Volunteers will keep exhibitor tables tidy with exhibitor information available while the booth is un-manned.

¨ The Dixie Center and the Huntsman World Senior Games do not accept responsibility for lost or stolen items.  Because the Dixie Center is open to the public during the Games, all exhibitors are encouraged to keep money locked in a cash box, out of sight. ¨

Exhibitors accept full responsibility for any mailing costs, duties or customs charges on any products mailed to athletes as a result of a giveaway, drawing, prize, or sale.  The Huntsman World Senior Games will not accept responsibility for any business transactions between exhibitors and their customers. 

Direct all inquiries to:  Jeff Harding - Huntsman World Senior Games – 1070 W 1600 S, A-103, St. George, UT  84770

800-562-1268 or 435-674-0550, ext. 112 - jharding@seniorgames.net

Exhibitor Forms

Download the Exhibitor Packet - 2016

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