Chinese Students Win Hearts and Respect at Huntsman World Senior Games

Sat Oct 19, 2013

Fourteen Chinese students lived the dream of coming to the United States—something a vast majority of their peers will never have the opportunity to do.  And they surprise many with their ability to communicate, connect and assist.  

St. George, UT – October 18, 2013 – Earlier this year, Kyle Case, CEO of the Huntsman World Senior Games was invited to China to oversee an English competition that was televised to an audience of roughly 250 Million.  Thousands of Chinese high school students tested their language and culture skills in hopes of winning the privilege of visiting the United States and assisting at the 2013 Huntsman World Senior Games.  Fourteen students ultimately won that right and their presence at the annual October event was surprising to many.   

Chinese Volunteer Delegation“The Chinese students really made a mark at the Games this year,” says Andy Groft, Director of Sponsor Relations for the Huntsman World Senior Games.  “They seemed to be everywhere, and served in capacities ranging from interpreters to score keepers to referees and even facilities management.  They were tireless and willing to help at the slightest hint of a need,” says Groft.  He also explained that coming to the US was not only a great opportunity for the fourteen students, but it will help them in their ability to be successful in academics and professions when they return to China.   

“Our country knows how important it is to work with the United States as [a] partner,” explains Tim Yudu, civil engineering student at Tsinghua University.  “When we come here, we improve our English language and culture; and we make connections that will help us be successful back in China.  Many of us also hope to do at least some schooling here in the United States.”  Tim Yudu also says that the organization and attention to detail at the Games has taught him ways he could improve his own business practices in the future.   

“The Chinese student ambassadors have been a joy to work with,” says Crystal Davies, member of the USA Volleyball Association.  “The other night at the Global Cup Championship I oversaw two of them at the score table and was pleasantly surprised at how well they understood the rules of the game and their responsibilities in assisting the referees.”   

“We hope they come back year after year,” says Jeff Harding, Director of Operations for the Huntsman World Senior Games.  “They are always ready to help.  They’re pleasant and courteous.  And they really have won the hearts of athletes, volunteers and staffers alike.”   

“We’ll continue to promote our friendship with China, and specifically our relationship with athletes and student volunteers,” says Games CEO, Kyle Case.  “These students have offered a great deal of help; and like all of nearly 2,500 volunteers from Southern Utah and around the globe, they have earned my respect and gratitude.”