Wed May 14, 2014
by Andy Groft, Director of Sponsor Relations

HorseshoesIf you've ever pitched horseshoes at the park with friends, in a tournament or even at a family reunion, you know the exclamation, "Ringer!"  Similar in excitement to "Touchdown!", "Home Run!", "Ace!" or "Goooooal!" in other sports, calling out that you just got a ringer is a great feeling for sure.

In an effort to run not only the biggest annual multisport event in the world for people 50 and over, but also the best, the full time Games staff believes we should gain a first-hand understand of each of our Sports.  The idea is that if we suspend our busy preparations for just an hour or two every few months to experience even to a very small degree what our Athletes and Official Fans do, we will be better able to understand and serve them.  In the process we also get to know the various Sports Directors and many of our other volunteers.

On Wednesday morning our Assistant Director of Horseshoes, Cleo Wardle, as well as local horseshoe pitcher Dennis Duszynsky, spent time teaching us the rules and even some helpful techniques.  Can I just say, nooooooot quite the rules I learned at my last family reunion.  Still, the official rules were easy to grasp even for those who had never before played horseshoes.  And after we talked for a while, it was time to actually play a game or two.

HorseshoesCleo and Dennis paired us up, told us they would support us as score keepers, and carefully led us along as we played--correcting us, reminding us of rules and congratulating us when we did well.  It was a blast.  I could just imagine being there with the buzz of people and the clank of horseshoes as a registered athlete of the Huntsman World Senior Games Horseshoe Tournament in October.  I'd be throwing shoes, making friends and just having a great time with some really fun people.  I'm sure some of my shoes would land short, others long or wide, but if today's introduction is any indication, I'd definitely score some points.  And every once in a while, I just might get to call out, "Ringer!"


Horseshoes    Horseshoes


Horseshoes     Horseshoes