A Moment of Silence for a Fallen Friend

Tue Oct 11, 2016

Tuesday, October 11 began with a moment of silence for a fallen friend.

Monday afternoon, October 10, Tony Buldo, a rancher from Visalia, California, passed away from complications of a heart condition. When he went down he was immediately attended to by a first aid professional and EMTs were called to the scene. Unfortunately, Tony was not able to be resuscitated. His entire team accompanied him to hospital where he was pronounced dead.

He was remembered by teammates as a great ball player and a generous teammate. Tony once purchased a brand new bat. A teammate asked if he could use it for a game. Tony agreed and the teammate had a great game with several strong hits. When he tried to return the bat, Tony wouldn’t accept it and told his teammate to go ahead and keep it.

“That’s the type of guy Tony was,” several teammates expressed. “He was a quiet guy, but he was a great player. It’s a sad day and we will miss him.”

“My dad loved to come and play at the Huntsman World Senior Games,” said son, Paul. “It meant a lot to him to be with his friends and play the game he loved.” Tony competed at the Games eleven times.

A moment of silence was offered on his behalf at the Canyons Softball Complex this morning before the first game began.