Volleyball Session 2 2012 Results

Men – 50+ / 60+ / 70+ / 76+
Women – 55+ / 65+

Men 50+ - Gold Division
Gold, Los Amigos, Salt Lake City. UT
Silver, Western States Laguna, Laguna Beach, CA
Bronze, Burgess, San Jose, CA

Men 50+ - Silver Division
Gold, The Blue Flames, Westminster, CA
Silver, Minnesota Masters 50+, Lino Lakes, MN
Bronze, Harbor Heuvels, Gig Harbor, WA

Men 50+ - Bronze Division
Gold, Colorado, Golden, CO
Silver, North Coast Masters, Cleveland, OH
Bronze, Hot Java, Olympia,WA

Men 50+ - Other Participating Teams
Adams-Maxwell, Camarillo, CA
North Coast Volleyball Club, Rochester, NY
RVC Spike Envy, Richmond, VA
Grey Wolves, Albuquerque, NM
Killer Tomatoes, Albuquerque, NV
Outta Town, Phoenix, AZ
Cross Country 50+, Lampasas, TX
Wilson Castaway, San Diego, CA

Men 60+ - Gold Division
Gold, Kings Mountain Fog 60+, Hanalei, HI
Silver, Tenis Clube de Santos, Brazil
Bronze, MD Silverbacks, Ellicott City, MD

Men 60+ - Silver Division
Gold, Desert Thunder, Tucson, AZ
Silver, Boombers 60, St. Paul, MN
Bronze, AlvaTen 60’s, Richmond, VA

Men 60+ - Other Participating Teams
Roof, Ventura, CA
Delaware Gold, Sarasota, FL
Amtel Michigan, Detroit, MI
GROG-60, Richmond, VA
Living on the Edge, Indianapolis, IN
Cleveland Vertically Challenged 60+, Cleveland, OH
Senior Moments, St. Louis, MO
LOPs 60, San Francisco, CA
Ameriwest, South Jordan, UT
Third Ward 60’s, North Tonawanda, NY

Men 70+ - Gold Division
Gold, Outback Steakhouse 70, Seattle, WA
Silver, TeamSota 70, Minneapolis, MN
Bronze, Rustys 70+, Portland, OR

Men 70+ - Other Participating Teams
The Lake Greats, West Bloomfield, MI
Mac Magic 70’s, Sun City Center, FL
Spy Kit, Tucson, AZ
Third Ward Buffalo Wings 70’s, North Tonawanda, NY
Aa Adults Toy Storage 70’s, Denver, CO

Men 76+ - Gold Division
Gold, Highlanders 76+, Denver, CO
Silver, Cool, Sylvania, OH
Bronze, Macnova 76, Sterling Potomac Falls, VA

Men 76+ - Other Participating Teams
Aa Adults Toy Storage 76’s, Denver, CO
Chicagoland 76+, Chicago, IL

Women 55+ - Gold Division
Gold, Lady GROG, Richmond, V
Silver, Haili, Hilo, HI
Bronze, WW Connect, Colorado Springs, CO

Women 55+ - Silver Division
Gold, Friends 55, Denver, CO
Silver,, Tucson, AZ
Bronze, Bolivia, Springfield, VA

Women 55+ - Division 2 - Gold
Gold, U Go Girl, Austin,TX
Silver, Tangy Hearts, San Diego, CA
Bronze, Volley Chix, Columbiaville, MI

Women 55+ - Division 2 - Silver
Gold, CO Passers, Denver, CO
Silver, Playn with Altitude 55+, Denver, CO
Bronze, Loco Chicks, Chattanooga, TN

Women 55+ Other Participating Teams
Sleepers, Saskatoon, SK, Canada
Surf City, Huntington Beach, CA
Hits Happen, Chino Valley, AZ
Spike Force Eh, Brantford, ON, Canada
Queen City Bees, Cincinnati, OH
Volley Lamas, New Orleans, LA
Foget-Me-Lots, Hersey, MI
Block Party, Downers Grove, IL
MD Au, Greenbelt, MD
Razzle Dazzle, Lewisburg, PA

Women 65+ - Gold Division
Gold, Texas Ladybugs, Dallas, TX
Silver, Friends 65, Idyllwild, CA
Bronze, Great Expectations 65, Arlington, VA

Women 65+ - Silver Division
Gold, Dixie Volley Chicks 65+, Metairie, LA
Silver, Sunshine Spikers, The Villages, FL
Bronze, Fleur de Lis, New Orleans, LA

Women 65+ Other Participating Teams
Legacy 65+, Nonoose Bay, BC, Canada
Shinkara Colorado Signals 65, Denver, CO
California Golden Girls 65+, Aliso Viejo, CA
Whatever It Takes, Bethesda, MD
Fun, Lakeview, OR
Alamo Stars 65+, San Antonio, TX
Hits & Ms 65+, Tucson, AZ
Delaware Quick Chicks, Rehoboth, MD
Beach Classics, Long Beach, CA
Ladies of the Court 65+, Boulder, CO