Volleyball Session 2 2013 Results

Session 2 (Men) – 55+ / 65+ / 73+ / 80+
Men 55+ - Gold Division
Gold, Adams-Maxwell, Camarillo, CA
Silver, Kings Mountain Fog, Hanalei, HI
Bronze, Amikoj, Golden, CO
4th, Eventpro, Olympia, WA
5th, Curmudgeons, Lewisburg, PA
6th, Minnesota Masters 55, Twin Cities, MN

Men 55+ - Silver Division
Gold, Spikes, Myrtle Beach, SC
Silver, Outta Town, Phoenix, AZ
Bronze, SNUZZ 55, Salt Lake City, UT
4th, Swuditwaz, Evanston, IL
5th, Ameriwest 55+, South Jordan, UT

Men 65+ - Gold Division
Gold, Outback Steakhouse Red, Seattle, WA
Silver, Boomers 65, St. Paul, MN
Bronze, GROG-65, Richmond, VA
4th, Outback Steakhouse Blue, Seattle,WA
5th, MD Silverbacks 65, Ellicott City, MD
6th, Rustys 65+, Portland, OR

Men 65+ - Silver Division
Gold, Flyers, Napa, CA
Silver, Beach, Altadena, CA
Bronze, Misfits, Austin, TX
4th, Living On The Edge, Tucson, AZ
5th, Abby Normals, Overland Park, KS
6th, Jacobsen Construction, Salt Lake City, UT

Men 73+ - Gold Division
Gold, Rustys 73+, Portland, OR
Silver, Mac Magic 73’s, Sun City Center, FL
Bronze, Highlanders, Denver, CO
4th, Aa Adults toy Storage Men’s 73’s, Denver, CO
5th, Windy City, Chicago, IL
6th, Highlanders 2, Denver, CO

Session 2 (Women) – 50+ / 60+ / 70+ / 75+
Women 50+
Division 1
Gold Division

Gold, Roof Sportswear, Irvine, CA
Silver, Game Changers, Denver, CO
Bronze, Pacific Blue, Sunnyvale, CA
4th, Care For All Ages, Green Bay, WI
5th, Yadayada 50+, Bear Valley, CA
6th, ASTEC, Harrisburg, PA

Women 50+
Division 2
Gold Division

Gold, Rockstars, San Diego, CA
Silver, Victorious Secret, Orem, UT
Bronze, California Vintage, Cupertino, CA
4th, On Vacation, San Antonio, TX
5th, Can You Dig It, Huntington Beach, CA
6th, Volleygirls, New Orleans, LA
7th, Kiss My Pass, Thousand Oaks, CA
8th, Volley-holics, Boulder, CO

Women 50+
Division 2
Silver Division

Gold, Illimani Bolivia, Bolivia
Silver, We Showed UP!, The Villages, FL
Bronze, Queen City bees, Cincinnati, OH
4th, Prime Time Olympia, Olympia, WA
5th, Azteca 50+, Denver CO
6th, Sand Flies, Brantford, ON, Canada
7th, Let’s Play, Alexandria, VA
8th, FINALLY 50!!!, Kaysville, UT

Women 50+
Division 2
Bronze Division

Gold, Dixie, St. George, UT
Silver, NY Nuts, Buffalo, NY
Bronze, On Target, Albuquerque, NM
4th, Net Assets, Canton, OH
5th, Newfoundland Island Girls, St. John’s, NL, Canada
6th, Yat Pack, New Orleans, LA
7th, Colorado Hit-N-Hope, Westminster, CO
8th, Coach Casey’s Camps, Waukesha,WI
9th, KC Master Pieces, Kansas City, MO

Women 60+ - Gold Division
Gold, WW Connect, Colorado Springs, CO
Silver, Carpe Diem, La Mirada, CA
Bronze, Shinkara, Denver, CO
4th, Sleepers 60+, Saskatoon, SK,Canada
5th, Maverick’s “60”, Lake Forest, CA
6th, Serv-Aces, Huntington Beach, CA
7th, Great Expectations 60s, Arlington, VA
8th, Volli-Hi, Harrisburg, PA

Women 60+ - Silver Division
Gold, 60’s, Tucson, AZ
Silver, Greatest Hits, Mechanicsville, VA
Bronze, Resets, Columbiaville, MI
4th, Back 4 More, Sun Prairie, WI
5th, Voo Doo Dolls 60+, New Orleans, LA
6th, Tx Crewd 60+, All over, TX
7th, Grape Sets, Napa, CA
8th, A Work in Progress, Boulder, CO

Women 60+ - Bronze Division
Gold, Team Utah, South Ogden, UT
Silver, Fleur de Lis 60+, New Orleans, LA
Bronze, Colorado Gold Diggers, Denver, CO
4th, BAZINGA, Indianapolis, IN
5th, New York Snow Flakes, Buffalo, NY
6th, Mustangs, Grants Pass, OR

Women 70+ - Gold Division
Gold, Legacy 70+, Auburn, WA
Silver, Alamo Stars, Texas, TX
Bronze, Texas Kickers, Austin, TX
4th, California Golden Girls 70+, Orange, CA
5th, Texas Stars, Fort Worth, TX
6th, All Mixed Up, Burnet, TX
7th, Sweet n Sassy Sisters, Arvada, CO
8th, Hits & Ms 70+, Tucson, AZ

Women 75+ - Gold Division
Gold, All Mixed Up, Burnet, TX