NBSA/Huntsman World Senior Free Throw Championship


National Basketball Shooters AssociationThe Nation Basketball Shooters Association is qualifying the top eight women's free throw scores taken from the age divisions in the Huntsman's combined Free Throw/Three Point competition. Those eight qualifiers will complete for the honor of being named the 2011 NBSA World Senior Women's Free Throw Champion . The top eight women shooters will be placed into a draw sheet according to their shooting percentage made in the age group competition.

The championship qualifiers go head to head, alternating shots, in the quarter finals, semi finals and final. In the quarter finals, it is first to make 10, sudden death if tied (first to miss), with the winner moving on to the semi finals. The semi finals winner is first to make 15, sudden death if tied, with the winner moving on to the finals. In the finals it will be first to 25 makes, sudden death if tied, with the winner being declared the 2011 NBSA World Senior Women's Free Throw Champion


It's a 90 minute trip from St. George down to Las Vegas. All Huntsman shooters are invited to participate. Sign up last minute at the event or early at their web site, .

This is the "WARM UP" for the men's NBSA/Huntsman World Senior Free Throw Men's Championship, which takes place the following day, October 10th (men) in St. George Utah. The championship format in Las Vegas will be exactly the same as the championship format in St. George. *See the Huntsman men's competition write up, which appears below.

The Nevada State Senior Games basketball event offers two shooting events; the Hot Shot and Free Throw. No basketball team competition. The NBSA will qualify the top eight free throw scores coming from both men's and women's free throw age division scores. If there is a tie for the eighth spot an extra round will be conducted to qualify only eight shooters. There will be no gender discriminating, only one champion, be it a women or a man at the Nevada event.

Serious free throw competitors, hoping to win the world championship, are encouraged to shoot the Las Vegas warm up for the alternating shot experience because that is the format that will determine the Men's and Women's World Senior Free Throw Champion at the Huntsman World Senior Games.


The NBSA is qualifying the top 8 men's free throw scores from the combined Huntsman free throw/three point age group competition. In the event that there are more than 8 top scores that are the same, a play off will be in effect. That play off is to be announced at the tournament. If qualifying scores are the same after 8 qualifiers have been determined a coin flip will determine the draw sheet placement.

The championship qualifiers will go head to head, alternating shots. In the quarter finals it will be first to 15, if tied sudden death (first to miss loses). In the semi finals it will be first to 25, if tied sudden death, and in the finals it will be first to 50, if tied sudden death, with the winner being declared 2011 NBSA World Senior Free Throw Champion. * (This is the same format, quarter, semi and final, for the NBSA/Huntsman Warm Up at the Nevada State Senior Free Throw Championship the day before in Las Vegas.)

Originally the NBSA championship division was designed to have no age or gender discrimination. One champion per event. The qualification can be either 92% or better or qualify 4, 8 or 16 of the top free throw scores. At the Huntsman event, since the women's and men's free throw/three point competitions are scheduled so far apart we felt it was best to have a separate championship for women and for men, rather than just one world senior champion, since it would be difficult to keep the women qualifiers five days after their competition.

Prizes And Awards

The NBSA will have an official NBSA tournament basketball. There will be sponsored prizes for all qualifiers, with the winners of each championship receiving a grand prize. All tournament qualifiers will receive a complimentary NBSA tournament t-shirt and NBSA approved competition basketball that is theirs to keep and is to be used during the senior championship free throw competition.

All qualifiers from both the Huntsman and the Nevada NBSA championship events will receive a NBSA Certificate of Excellence and the winners and the finalists will receive championship trophies.