2016 Bowling Information  

Director:  Anne Powell

Assistants:  Pearl Stucki, Anne Brosier, Susan Larson, Pat O'Laughlin

Singles, Doubles, Mixed Doubles, Team, Strictly Scratch Singles, All Events-Scratch and Handicap

Monday, Oct. 10, 8:30 am -  10:00 pm - Men and Womens Doubles Qualifier
Tuesday, Oct. 11, 8:30 am - 5:30 pm - Singles and Mixed Doubles Qualifier
Wednesday, Oct. 12, 8:30 am -  10:00 pm - Singles Qualifier and Teams play
Thursday, Oct. 13, 8:30 am -  10:00 pm - All Finals begin
Friday, Oct. 14, 8:30 am -  5:00 pm - All Finals Finish and Scratch play

Bowling Ladies SinglesLadies DoublesMens SinglesMens DoublesMixed DoublesTeam Schedules (Both Houses)

Dixie Bowl - 146 East City Center, St. George
Sunset West Lanes - 1476 West Sunset Boulevard, St. George

Singles:  5-Year Age Brackets  
Doubles:  5-Year Age Brackets  
Mixed Doubles:  5-Year Age Brackets  
Strictly Scratch Singles:  Averages (See Below)
Team: A, B or C Divisons based on team Averages
All Events - Scratch and Handicap:   5-Year Age Brackets

Age Divisions: 
Individuals / Partners:  50-54, 55-59, 60-64, 65-69, 70-74, 75-79, 80-84, 85-89, 90-94, 95-99, 100+
Games officials reserve the right to cancel any event or combine age divisions due to insufficient entries.

Sport Fee:
$15 Per Event - Singles, Doubles, Mixed Doubles and Team Events
$ 5 All Events-Scratch and Handicap

 Registration Rules:
• The total number of bowlers will be limited to 350 or full squads.  Register early!
• Bowling participants may not enter other sports scheduled during their Bowling event(s).
• Tournament is USBC Certified (#04022) – USBC membership is required.
• If a participant is not a USBC member, he/she must purchase a sanction card or pay a $5 Participation Fee.
• Average will be verified using USBC data.
• Participants may enter Singles, Doubles, Mixed Doubles, Team, All Events-Scratch and All Events-Handicap, but may enter each event only once.
• For doubles and team events, you and your partner MUST be registered before your individual registrations can be finalized and your team/partnership scheduled to compete.  
• If you need a partner in any doubles or team event, check PartnerFinder on our website for a listing, by sport, of individuals looking for partners.  Incomplete partnerships will not be scheduled.
• Women with a 160+ average and Men with a 170+ average may also enter Strictly Scratch Singles.
• For Doubles and Mixed Doubles, the age division will be determined by the age of the youngest partner.
• For Strictly Scratch Singles, the divisions will be:
Women - 160-184 Average
Men - 170-184 Average
Women & Men - 185-199 Average
Women & Men - 200+ Average
• Teams will consist of four people.  They may be all men, all women or any combination of men and women.  There will be no age divisions. Teams will bowl in (3) three divisions A, B or C according to team average; bowlers' individual averages determines team average. Handicap will be based upon the Team average. A=801+, B=601-800, C=0-600.

Format / Rules:
• The entering average shall be the average recorded in the USBC Certified Book Average on Priorities as follows:
(a)  2015-2016 Highest USBC Certified Book Average of 21 games or more.
(b)  2015-2016 USBC Certified Book Composite Average on with less than 21 games bowled.
(c)  Bowlers with NO average or a USBC Certified Average will use the following as decided by the Bowling Tournament Director:
     1. Men shall use an entering average of 165. Handicap shall be based calculated using the entering average.
     2. Women shall use an entering average of 135. Handicap shall be based calculated using the entering average.
     3. Bowlers with NO USBC membership will pay a $5.00 participation fee that Must be paid prior to bowling their first game of any event.
Averages will be verified using the USBC website using each bowlers USBC membership number. If a bowler holds a card in multiple associations, each card number MUST be listed. Average corrections provided by the Tournament Directors may be made up to the end of the first game bowled in the Huntsman World Senior Games. It is the bowler's responsibility to verify averages listed on the recap sheet.
Handicap for the tournament shall consist of 100% of 240; based on the difference of a bowlers' average and 240. Doubles handicap shall consist of 100% of 480; difference of the Doubles Team Average. Team Event handicap shall consist of 100% of 960; difference of the Team Average.
A bowler MUST bowl (1) of each event as follows: Singles, a Doubles Event (Men, Women or Mixed), and Team Event to qualify for an award in ALL EVENTS. If a bowler does not bowl one of each of these events in any combination or they drop one of these events at the last minute, they are NOT qualified for an ALL EVENT award.
The Games will provide award pins for high scratch/handicap game/series accordingly. USBC Honor Score Awards will be processed and decided by the USBC with the Senior Games Tournament Bowling Director providing all forms necessary for selection. USBC Honor Score Awards have new guidelines as of the 2014 winter season; a bowler may have already received their lifetime award through their local association, in which case forms shall not be processed by the Huntsman World Senior Games Bowling Directors.
All rules as provided by USBC in the "Tournament Rules" will be valid and in force during all of the Huntsman World Senior Games Bowling Tournament Events. The Games Tournament Bowling Director and Tournament Bowling Committee will decide all questions or disputes arising during the tournament. Their decision is FINAL, subject for appeal through USBC.
• Any bowler with an uncertified average must use an average determined by the Tournament Director with 135 being the minimum average for women and 165 being the minimum average for men.
• Singles, Doubles and Mixed Doubles events will each have three games of qualifying and three games of finals.  The top 25% Scratch and the top 25% Handicap scores of the qualifying series will advance to the Finals.
• Strictly Scratch Singles will be one four-game competition, changing lanes for each game.
• Participants must present their Games ID Badge and either their 2015-2016 USBC card (or a receipt for purchase thereof) at the on-site check-in desk prior to their first event.  Participants will not be permitted to bowl until they show their USBC sanction card. Participants unable to present their USBC sanction card will be required to pay a $5 participation fee.  Participants who pay the $5 participation fee are not eligible for USBC awards (USBC Rule Book, Rule #300c-1b).

Note:  Modifications may be made to the event schedule to accommodate the final number of bowlers in the various events.

• Singles, Doubles and Mixed Doubles – In each age division, the three highest scratch totals and the three highest handicap totals of the finals competition will win Gold, Silver and Bronze medals (each medalist will be eligible to receive only one medal per event). 
• Team – In each division, the top three Scratch and the top three Handicap teams (with no team receiving two awards) will be awarded Gold, Silver and Bronze medals.  Medals will not be awarded by age division.
• Strictly Scratch Singles – In each division, the three highest scratch series will be awarded Gold, Silver and Bronze medals.
• All Events – Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals will be awarded to the top three women and men in each age division with the highest total scores in the qualifying rounds for Singles, Doubles (or Mixed Doubles if not bowling Doubles) and Team events.
• Overall Champions – Overall Champion medal will be awarded to the woman and man with the most pins-over-average scored in qualifying series in Singles, Doubles (or Mixed Doubles if not bowling Doubles) and Team events. 
• Special Huntsman World Senior Games Club Pins will be awarded as follows:
Bowlers with an average of 140 or less will be eligible for 175+, 200+, 225+ and 250 + Game Pins and 500+, 525+, 600+ and 700+ Series Pins. 
Bowlers with an average of 175 or less will be eligible for 200+, 225+ and 250+ Game Pins and 525+, 600+ and 700+ Series Pins. 
Bowlers with an average of 176 to 190 will be eligible for 225+ and 250+ Game Pins and 600+ and 700+ Series Pins. 
Bowlers with an average of 191 and higher will be eligible for 250+ Game Pins and 700+ Series Pins. 
Each bowler is eligible for a maximum of one of each pin. 
• All medals will be awarded at the Sport Social.

Sport Social: (ID Badge or Ticket Required)
Date: Friday, Oct. 14 
Time: 7:00 PM
Location: Washington County Regional Park (Fairgrounds), 5500 West 700 South, Hurricane, UT