Pickleball | Oct. 10-14, 2016

Sun River St. GeorgeHyland's Leg Cramps 

First, let's take care of those who have come to this website asking, "What is Pickleball?"

  • Has nothing to do with pickles
  • Is among the fastest growing senior sports in the country
  • Is sort of like tennis - but different; Is sort of like racquetball - but different;
     Is sort of like badminton - but different; Is sort of like table tennis - but different
  • Uses a ball sort of like a whiffleball - but different
  • Uses a court like tennis - but smaller (less running)
  • Uses a paddle
  • Is fast moving - requires quickness
  • Is just a neat game

PickleballOk, now about this event. Located at the two largest venues in the area, 14 permanent courts await you at beautiful SunRiver St. George, and 24 permanent courts are located at the city's newest venue at Little Valley. We offer singles & doubles for men and women and a mixed doubles event. USA Pickleball Association / International Federation of Pickleball rules will be used.

Considered one of the premier pickleball events in the country, this 5-day event should be on your tournament schedule. 

Oh, about that name. Legend has it the inventor of the game had a dog named Pickles. Well, Pickles would steal the ball during play and was just generally annoying. So, he named the game Pickleball! Hey, just be glad the dog wasn't named Snuggles or Winnie or Twinkles!

This event will fill up fast.  You'll want to make sure you register early.